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Ali Barker: painter

Music, Painting and other Collaborations

Today, I met Ali Barker, an artist based in Liverpool. Ali paints from music references, as she also plays violin and viola, so she understands not just how visual arts work but also how music works. I really enjoyed the meeting today, talking about the two different sides of artists and musician; the precise and organised vs the creative and chaotic. Ali Barker’s work has a little bit of both. Her geometric paintings are a reflection of this “obsessive” side of creative individuals where everything has to be on time, pre-planned and well structured to be successful. Conversely, once a plan is established, it is needed some chaos and freedom for artists to experiment and achieve new stages, with new ideas and points of view. Ali’s freedom and intuitive perception are beautifully represented in her expressive collection of works. Finally, the layered paintings are a combination of both geometric…

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Georgi Gill: poet

Music, Painting and other Collaborations

Today, it has been a very productive day in terms of research. I had amazing meetings and feedback about my current work, I had my first contact with Freya Chambers, the clarinettist involved in my piece Triptych, and finally, the poet Georgi Gill ( and I have started to work in Dans les noirceurs. We had very creative and inspiring meeting where we discussed the colour black, what is black in nature? in psychology? is it neutral or negative? How can the idea of emptiness from the colour black be translated into poetry or music in a different way than silence? These questions have made us think about the structure the work will follow, will it be divided into movements/acts?

A concept I got very interested in was the idea of the black mirror, a tool painters used to simplify colours and tonal range from surrounding objects. We also spoke about black…

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Black and Dans les noirceurs

Music, Painting and other Collaborations

One of the most ambitious and innovative projects I am working at the moment is Dans les noirceurs (provisional title). This project that will be present as a concert performance but also as an audiovisual installation will be the result of working with the poet Georgi Gill and the artist Èlia Navarro. Three of us will work around the concept of black. Is black a shadow? Is the lack of light? It is just another colour or all the colours? Which connotations have this colour had through History? Can be black used as a light as Henry Matisse proposed?  These questions are just the start of this project in which we are really looking forward to immerse ourselves.

More news and meetings coming very very soon.

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