Archivos diarios: abril 17, 2017

Unité d’ habitation (Cité Radieuse)

New piece! My wind quintet Unité d’ habitation (Cité Radieuse) is now finished! The work, commissioned by the Royal Northern College of Music for the In focus: Paul Patterson Festival will be performed on 9th June 2017, 6.00 pm at the Carol Nash Recital Room in the RNCM, Manchester.

This piece is based in one of Le Corbusier’s buildings Unité d’ habitation, the one in Marseille, France. I observed some very interesting structural and content concepts; the use of piloti, organisation of corridors and apartments, and the disposition of other venues in the building. Also, the idea of being considered one of the earliest representations of Brutalist architectural aesthetics made me inspire my music in this famous edifice and its intricacies.