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Creando Futuros – Origen

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Obra terminada: “Origen” para soprano, percusión, piano y violoncello, basada en el poema homónimo de Pablo Escribano. Escrita para el concierto “Creando futuros” de la Fundación Botín que tendrá lugar en la sede de la Fundación en Santander el 19 de Diciembre.

A /a Vie

This piece written for flute, electronics and live painting is a co-creation between the artist Jakub Kreft and myself as composer. We both worked together in the transformation from an unreal sound and pre-recorded painting process to the natural source of sound and visual art, from the technological device to crafts. In this piece the painting process is part of the performance, so as the music perception is ephemeral also every brushstroke will be just perceptible while it is being executed in terms of action not of result.

In the first part of this interdisciplinary work the electronic music will be based in an existing painting process. These roles will be swapped towards the middle-end of the piece with the addition of the flute, from then on the artist will be using different brushes according to the extended techniques from the flute sound palette.

Composer/Artist: Isabel Benito-Gutierrez/ Jakub Kreft

Live Painting: Jakub Kreft

Flute: Agustin Fernandez-Rubio